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 But will contain whatever I decide to post about myself and my life.  Some may enjoy, others certainly will not. Alas, that too, is life......

There will be:

  • Personal Bio data
  • Anecdotes - and Slices of Life
  • Vietnam Vet content
  • Music - especially guitar and keyboards
  • Art - All original. Photos and PhotoShop, Corel etal..
  • Video - All original. Asian and Hawaiian themes
  • Motorcycles - CBR900RR, 1987 Interceptor, past present and future
  • The Saga Continues - Bet the Government never did THAT to you!!
  • Southeast Asia - and why YOU shouldn't go there but I should..
  • Stuff as I feel like it..
  • Some interesting links
  • A sprinkling of Pidgin - The international language Hawaiians think they invented.
  • Some Etc.
  • and Some Misc.
4th Grade 53rd Grade

4th Grade - Blissfully unaware of the impending Storm

53rd Grade and still a bit storm-tossed.

Good Times/Recovering in Kona Hawaii

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